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I’m still updating my website for 2021

My big dreams What I'm working on this year

Every year I focus on only three main goals. Year 2020 I set out to find love, Create a Cinematic short film, and helping others build their social skills by promoting my book.

This year I’m making it a priority to find the love of my life. The First thing I did was Hirer a dating coach. For the first few months we talked about everything. I found out I’m pretty normal. With a few simple shifts of thinking I felt confident to start dating again. Diana, my dating coach, and I came up with this fun idea of creating a dating ad on YouTube. It was successful for the short amount of time it ran. However I wouldn’t recommend it. I’ll write an article about it in the future. In the meantime here is a link to the campaign.

My friends and I dream of producing full length films. I dream of becoming a director for those films. This year I directed my first short film called Chirp (still in production). I’m now an Assistant Director for a romance film called Mr. Right. You can follow our progress on this dream on our YouTube Channel COMV Productions.

Social is a book I wrote that helps people grow their social skills. Right now I’m looking for opportunities to speak to people about it. I’m creating new podcast episodes that I hope to start posting in a few months and I may even start a YouTube channel. In the meantime Here is a link to the website and podcast.

Last years focus

Last year I traveled the world helping people, Making Cinematic video, and helping others build their social skills.

Sojourn is a YouTube travel channel. I went around the world looking for the girl of my dreams. I haven’t found her yet but I have learned a lot along the way.

Navigator is a Feature Film my friends and I are working on. It’s about a man who is trying to save humanity but must face his own doubts about himself. I’m the set designer for the project. We also have a YouTube channel about at COMV Productions.
Social is a book I wrote to help others improve their social skills. I aim to help others achieve their dreams and a key step to that is knowing how to make and keep relationships.